Jean Grey and Wolverine Smash Sentinels In the First Episode of X-Men: Danger Room Protocols

A few weeks ago, we got a first look at Joel Furtado’s awesomely retro web series, X-Men: Danger Room Protocols. The first episode has made its way online, and although it’s short—it’s very sweet, living up to the promise of some glorious classic X-Men action.


This is only the first part of three for this encounter, which sees Jean Grey and Wolverine sent into the Danger Room to do battle with wave after wave of angry Sentinels. Honestly, that’s all the summary you need, because it’s pretty much nonstop X-men action from the get-go:

It’s all the right sort of fun comic book action you’d want from a short series like this. Sentinels explode! Jean gets to do a psychic version of the fastball special! More sentinels explode! It’s fun, fast, and the aesthetic is great—it really does a grand job of capturing the essence of the classic animated series it’s so clearly aping.

To see more of Joel’s work, and watch future episodes of Danger Room Protocols, you can head on over to his website at the link below.

[Joel Furtado]


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