Jayne hats on the groomsmen and "Don't Panic" invites make for a sweet and geeky wedding

Lots of couples add little science fiction touches to their weddings, maybe a Doctor Who save-the-date card or a Star Trek quote during the vows. But some couples want to use their wedding to celebrate all the myriad ways science fiction has touched their lives, including this pair, who recently threw a wedding party that was heavy on both tradition and Firefly.


Katie and Kellan got together thanks to Dragon*Con, so it's only fitting that their nuptials were chalk full of fannish moments. As Firefly tributes, the groomsmen all wore Jayne Cobb hats while the bridesmaids carried Kaylee parasols, and each table was named after a planet in the Serenity 'Verse. The groom sported Superman on his shoes and on his ring, which bears the Superman sigil, and the invitations assured guests "Don't Panic."

And then there were the vows. Katie explains:

I promised to help support him through his World of Warcraft dungeons, and he promised to love me through all the evil uprisings that happens in sci-fi.

It looks like everyone had fun with the mishmash of fandoms, and despite the science fiction accessories and a first dance to Rammstein, it seems fairly traditional. You can see more geeky photos and descriptions of the wedding over at Offbeat Bride, which has scenes from tons of quirky weddings — and more steampunk wedding dresses than you could possibly ask for.

Photos by Cheryl Bolton-Reuter.

Katie & Kellan's Firefly and sci-fi geek chic wedding [Offbeat Bride via The Mary Sue]


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