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Jason Statham Versus the 'Largest Shark That Ever Existed' Sounds Like a Damn Good Time at the Movies

Sorry shark, our money’s on Statham.
Sorry shark, our money’s on Statham.
Image: Warner Bros.
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The first trailer for The Meg, Jason Statham’s awesomely silly-looking summer action movie about the sudden appearance of a modern-day megalodon, has just arrived—and at long last, it looks like we have a worthy, stupendously toothy successor to 1999's Deep Blue Sea.


Plus, is that a bonus giant squid we see?

The Meg—directed by Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure)—is out August 10, so plan your beach vacation accordingly.

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Lee Adama's Moral Center

I’d really appreciate it if Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham could continue spending their downtime between F&F movies trying to one-up each other making 1am SyFy movies with $100M+ budgets.