Japan's Transformers-themed hotel room transforms fandom into despair

Do you love Transformers but hate yourself? Then why not fly around the world to Japan, and stay in a special Transformers-themed hotel room that you could easily recreate by yourself at a Holiday Inn with $50 and a quick trip to Target?

The room is in the Asahikawa Grand Hotel in Hokkaido, and as you can see in the photos, really amounts to a few Transformers figures placed around the room and children's Transformers bedsheets. Well, I guess there's an oversized, plastic Matrix of Leadership in the corner that plays a single cartoon clip over-and-over, but that strikes me as infinitely sad because you can't even pretend its the real thing. Check out Kotaku for more pics.


On the plus side, the room is reasonably priced at approximately $90 U.S., and the Asahikawa only takes reservations for one night, no doubt worrying that people who spend too long in the room may take their own lives. You have until April 25th to make the trip to enjoy this "unique" Transformers experience. Or, seriously, just go to Target.

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