The highly anticipated anime Coppelion premieres in Japan tomorrow, and thanks to U.S. licensor Viz Media, it'll premiere here, too! The scifi series, about three radiation-resistant high school girls who search through the irradiated ruins of Tokyo, will be simulcast on Hulu and over at

Coppelion is set in 2036, 30 years after a malfunction at the Odaiba power plant forces Tokyo to be evacuated. Now the only people who can enter Tokyo without suffering the effects of radiation are three genetically engineered teenaged girls, who are tasked by the military to search for survivors, because as anime has so often shown us there is no problem that can't be solved if you throw enough Japanese high school girls at it. As you can see by the trailer, they find a lot more than just survivors, including a crazy spider-mecha.


The Coppelion anime was actually due to premiere in 2011, but the March 2011 tsunami and Fukushima reactor incident caused a bit of a delay. Pretty understandable, methinks.

[Via Anime News Network]