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Japan's New Godzilla Is Going to Be a Special Effects First

Illustration for article titled Japans New Godzilla Is Going to Be a Special Effects First

Earlier this year, we learned that Japan’s resurrection of the Godzilla franchise would be in the hands Shinji Higuchi, who will be co-directing with Hideaki Anno. Higuchi’s already promising to use some brand new technology from his upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie for Toho Studio’s Godzilla.


In a recent AP article, the new “hybrid” was described this way:

Higuchi’s special-effects techniques were amply demonstrated in “Attack on Titan,” a new release received favorably in Japan.

The work combines computer graphics with manipulating a towering doll of rippling red muscle that resembles a giant biological anatomy chart, as well as special-effects filmmaking, using actors moving through miniatures, to depict grotesquely enlarged humans.

Applying to Godzilla that kind of technology, which Higuchi calls “hybrid,” has never been attempted in Japan. Higuchi is promising just that.


Higuchi seems to be a perfect choice for Godzilla, with a resume promising amazing special effects and a love for the material that he says makes him one of the “top-50” Godzilla fans in the world. He promises a Godzilla rebooted with the essentials, losing all the excess that he says killed the movies in the first place:

Godzilla had to deliver more and more, responding to calls from the audience, as well as creators.

Godzilla went through these stages, resetting itself, developing and then succumbing to exhaustion, until it just got so big it had to stop.

Maybe, finally, we’re going to have a modern Godzilla that works on every level.

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