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In the movie Onigocco or The Chasing World, a Japanese teenager gets flipped into an parallel world where everyone who has the last name Sato is being ruthlessly hunted down. Of course, that just happens to be his last name. While trying to evade the smiling cyborgs, he encounters alternate versions of his girlfriend and school buddies, and finds himself protecting them and trying to escape from the clutches of the King of Japan. Check out the trailer below, and find out more.


This film sounds like Terminator meets Stephen King's The Long Walk, combined with alternate reality elements from The Matrix. In Japan, "onigokko" is a version of the game of tag, with a players chasing down others. Of course, in this movie it's cyborgbots with creepy heads, red vision, and some strange weapons chasing down poor Sato. If he evades his pursuers for a certain number of hours each day, then he gets various wishes granted. Although it looks like everything starts over the next day, so good luck wishing for the nightmare to end... or an unlimited number of wishes.

The film opened on February 2nd in Japan, and with any luck will be finding its way over here on a DVD platter.

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