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During World War I, Paris built a fake Paris to confuse German bombardiers. More recently, China has seen a spate of towns reproducing a little slice of Germany and Austria. Now, Japan is considering constructing a second Tokyo in case an earthquake destroys the one we have today.


Explains World Architecture News:

The new city, code named IRTBBC, or Integrated Resort, Tourism, Business and Backup City, will stand in for the capital in the event of it being hit by a disabling earthquake. A possible location has already been earmarked 300 miles to the west of Tokyo on the 1236 acre site of the largely superseded Itami Airport.


The legislative backers of this proposal want ¥14 million (approximately $183,563) to research the possibility of this emergency city, which will house 50,000 residents, 200,000 daytime workers, an emergency seat of government, casinos, and the tallest tower in the world (at approximately 2,139 feet). It's unclear how much this project would cost if greenlit, but can we refrain from naming it Neo Tokyo (see above)?

[Via Inhabitat]


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