Japanese Bars Cater to Fans of Sentient Body Armor

In Tokyo's district for otaku, or mega-fans, two bars will soon be recreating the Gundam anime universe. Featured in countless animated series, Gundam is a world where people wear sentient body armor, or "mobile suits," for fighting. Also, sometimes, for loving. Patrons of the Gundam bars will be served by waitresses in full body armor. And maybe they'll get to see some war action.

The two bars are named after the rival factions in the Gundam universe: Zeon and Federation Forces. They're advertising right now for lady servers who want to dress up like characters from Gundam.


No word yet on whether Bar Zeon will go to war with Bar Federation Forces, but it seems inevitable. Now there's some live entertainment I'd like to see.

Mobile Suit Cosplay Bar [Anime News Network]

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