Japanese android condemned to be forever alone for Valentine's Day

Should you visit Tokyo's Takashimaya department store by Valentine's Day, you can greet Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro's Geminoid-F android, who's engaged in a curiously forlorn bit of street theater.


While waiting for a friend who will never show up, the female robot cycles through 65 separate emotions. She also refuses to suffer fools during her solitary vigil. Explains Professor Ishiguro:

Think of the android as an ordinary person. Treat it as if it's a person sitting there in the usual way. If you react as you normally would to a sitting person, the android will react. But if you pester it too much, it'll ignore you. I think it would be fun to imagine what the android might be feeling while you're watching it.

And thus, the groundwork for the world's very first Cylon zoo was laid.


While there's still (clearly) quite a bit of work to be done to perfect these Human Replica Droids, once Japan nails it (no pun intended) does anyone else see them becoming, perhaps, one of the richest countries on the planet? I mean, think about it, as long as the technology is reasonably affordable by the average tax payer (where taxes apply) you could very well see things like loneliness disappear overnight. Not to mention crime, as most (not all) crimes have been attributed to some degree of sexual frustration or jealousy.

However, being able to have someone (or something) incredibly human like (I'm thinking more Spielberg's A.I. as opposed to BSG and the Cylons) as your physical/romantic companion, and know that they'll love what you love and never be judgmental would effectively negate a lot of those social problems. Not to mention the fact you would likely see a much needed drop in population numbers as Sex could be taken care of with a reasonable degree of realism; not to mention reductions in STDs and Sex Crimes.

When everything is said and done, while people joke and tease the Japanese about their artificial constructs, Geminoid's, robots and so on if they actually pull this off before anyone else they'd corner perhaps one of the most profitable markets in the world, namely basic human happiness. Anyone else think that's reaching or a pipedream?