Japan terrorized by giant lighter people with USB compatible asses

Sad news as the nation of Japan has been overrun by giant, anthropomorphic lighters, as evidenced by this commercial. These creatures are insane, sticking their asses in our computers, sleeping with our match-headed woman, and, worst of all, teaching the English alphabet improperly.


Obviously, were these lighters an appropriate size, they would be a great boon to Japan's computer-using smokers, especially the way they light cigarettes without an open flame. But in their current size, with their propensity to sing, dance, and smoke giant cigarettes from the wrong end in public, they are nothing but another source of trouble for the already beleaguered nation.

On the other hand, if you have giant cigarettes for arms, they're probably pretty handy to have around.


[Via Laughing Squid]

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Since I'm not a smoker, I seriously want to know: how many smokers just light up while using their computers, and how much do you have to smoke at your computer to make such a lighter worthwhile to own? I'd imagine if you just smoke in your home then you probably don't care about where you smoke or what you're doing at the time, so would a USB lighter be useful if you're not a serious computer user? Maybe it's good for Starcraft and MMOs that you can't leave behind?