Japan solves your "giant Evangelion-themed bowling pin" cosplay needs

Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I could go bowling while I was wearing a giant bowling pin costume — and it would be even better if those bowling pins were designed like the giant robots featured in the popular anime Evangelion!" No, of course not, because you're not insane.

Yet Japan has filled this niche anyways; the Japanese bowling alley chain Round 1 (which routinely lets customer dress in giant bowling pin costumes) is offering three special Evangelion pin costumes, shown above. Oh, and in case you don't find these quite insane enough, may I present...


...the totally official Evangelion baby clothes line, and...

...and the 9-Patty Evangelion Burger which comes with the "Fork of Longinus," a play on the "Lance of Longinus" which appears in the anime, and was mentioned in the Bible as the spear which stabbed Jesus while he was on the cross. It's sacrilicious!

[Via Anime News Network]


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