Well, we had to know this was coming sooner or later. Sakakibara Machinery Works — makers of the adult-sized mecha suit Landwalker — has created the Kid's Walker Cyclops, the tiny, adorable terror with the bored preteen in it shown above.

The night-7-foot-tall suit has a claw arm, a spinning drill arm (perfect for Gurren Lagann fans!), and legs that glide rather than walk, but when you're punching the bully from down the block with a giant drill arm, who cares about the details? The Kid's Walker Cyclops costs a hair over $20,000. If you spend $387, 000, you get guns that shoot something called "air cushion balls," which, if you're already giving your child her own set of power armor, you might as well give her the one that shoots projectiles, because you're obviously not worried about property damage at this point.


Seriously, I love how unenthused the girl in the video is. "Dad! Are we done shooting your stupid video yet?! I want to go hang out with my friends! Oh, and mom says if you don't stop spending all your time making robot suits she's leaving you for Mr. Yamada."

[Via Wired]

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