Japan Is Making An Official Evangelion/Transformers Crossover

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Oh my god. Toymaker Takara Tomy has announced that they're doing... something that involves the Transformers invading the world of Evangelion, as evidenced by this phenomenal picture of Optimus Prime decked out like Shinji's Unit-01.


Since Takara Tomy is responsible, I think we can assume there's going to be a special edition toyline at the very least, even though they'll probably just be repaints of old Transformers figures (awesome repaints, but still), and there'll likely be other merchandise as well. But this ad, placed in Hobby Japan and other toy magazines, also featured the following story:

The Angels are invading. Breaking a long silence, the mysterious life-forms known as the Angels suddenly appear. The weapons the UN forces gather together in retaliation can't even scratch them. In the end, they turn to the secret agency, NERV, to manage the anti-Angel strategy.

With Neo-Tokyo 3 in their sights, the Angels slowly advance upon the city...but suddenly a spaceship comes hurtling down from the sky above the Angels: the Sky Lynx! Out of the ship emerges warriors of the far-off planet Cybertron. They've come to investigate after noticing an unusual energy reading.

"We can't let a disaster like the Second Impact occur on this planet."
"What?! What are these monsters?!"

The shocked Cybertron convoy sets its sights on an enemy much bigger than themselves.


OH MY GOD THE AUTOBOTS ARE GOING TO FIGHT THE ANGELS. If they've bothered to write down a storyline, I seriously hope this means there's at least going to be a manga or something; I feel like we as a people deserve to see Optimus Prime crushing Kaworu in his giant metal hands in some form or another.

[Via Anime News Network]

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This could be so awesome. *crossing my fingers and toes!* GET IN THE GODDAMN AUTOBOT SHINJI!