January Sees All-New SF Night For Fox

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Here's hoping that none of you have an active weekend social life. Fox has announced its mid-season schedule, and Friday night has just become the one night that you'll want to stay in - or, at least, set your TiVo for. The last night of the work week will be home to the troubled Dollhouse, as well as seeing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles moving in as its neighbor. The day may bring back bad Firefly memories for Whedon fans - but does another show's move mean more success for Fringe?Starting in January, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will move to 8pm Fridays, followed at 9pm by Dollhouse - a decision that may worry Whedon fans who blamed a Friday timeslot for that show's low ratings and quick cancellation, and who are already feeling nervous about the new show due to... well, Joss Whedon telling everyone about the show's troubled birth. Dollhouse was originally planned to air after the new season of 24 on Mondays. Terminator will be replaced in its Monday timeslot by House MD, which moves from its Tuesday 8pm slot, stripping Fringe of its lead-in. Not that the JJ Abrams drama should worry; starting January 20th, the show will be preceded by ratings smash American Idol, practically ensuring higher ratings as Idol fans stay on the same channel after their show has finished, stunned by Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell. Fox announces midseason schedule: 'Dollhouse' and 'Terminator' on Fridays; 'Lie' after 'Idol' [THR Live Feed]


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I wonder who Joss Wheadon pissed off this time? He's probably preparing the damage control post on his webiste as we speak to reassure us. But honestly, this show is looking D.O.A.