Jango Fett To Play Green Lantern's Abin Sur

Two new actors have been cast in the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern superhero flick. Temuera Morrison, best known as Jango Fett, is ready to get his pink on for Abin Sur. And Hal Jordan's buddy has also been cast.

The above picture of Temuera Morrison and the pink-skinned man is concept art for Abin Sur, friend of Tomar-Re and the Lantern for our sector.


Also cast in Martin Campbell's DC film is Taika Waititi, taking on the role of Hal Jordan's best friend Thomas Kalmaku, also sometimes called "pie face." It's later revealed that Tommy has the superpower to "bring out the best in people." Let's just hope that's not in this story line, because yeesh. Taika made a bit of a splash writing and directing the small indie Eagle Vs. Shark, so we're excited to see him tied to a big blockbuster.

Production on the film begins today in New Orleans.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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