"I'm a romantic," Jane Goodall says in this 2002 interview with Ira Flatow on Science Friday (animated by Blank on Blank). Here, she discusses both her observations and the places where her ideas have clashed with the scientific community — including her suspicion that ape-like cryptids actually exist.

This is the second in Blank on Blank's series The Experimenters, where they animate interviews with innovators. (The first was an interview with Buckminster Fuller.) Listening to these people take about themselves in their own words is fascinating, and here, it's an important reminder that people who have contributed to our understanding of the world can still hold unscientific beliefs.

Goodall also notes in this interview that, when she enrolled in a PhD program, she learned that her work was viewed as suspect because she named the chimpanzees she observed and tended to anthropomorphize them. In more recent interviews, Goodall has continued to criticize the idea that researchers are completely objective in their observations.


[via Brain Pickings]