Jane Espenson is Blogging Again and All Is Right With the World

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The writer-producer who cut her teeth on Buffy and Firefly, and most recently steered the Caprica ship, is dropping science after an almost two-year absence. You should go read.


For a good long while, Jane Espenson was dispensing Hollywood-writery wisdom — nuggets of truth gleaned from years working for people like Joss Whedon and Ronald D. Moore, on shows as varied as Buffy, Dollhouse, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls, Andy Barker PI, and Jake in Progress — as well as daily reports of her lunchtime adventures, on her eponymous blog. And then she took the showrunner gig on Caprica and stopped blogging cold. That was 16 months ago. If you wanted to hear from her, you needed to follow her on Twitter.

But now she's back, from outer space, helping writers find both their voices and ideas for the afternoon repast. Who knows how long she'll stick to it — she's slated to write an episode of HBO's Game of Thrones series, and she's too awesome to remain idle for long — so soak up the knowledge juice while you can.

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If Jane spent half the time focusing on the quality of her BSG scripts as she did blogging about what she had for lunch, we'd have had a better final 2 seasons.

Basically, it's all haha-fun-and-games where we fans obsess over what you had for lunch WHEN YOU ARE WRITING QUALITY WORK.

But when the shows get bad, the system breaks down.

I do like Espenson's work with Whedon. Her tone simply did not match the series...fans and critics alike think it was strange...and overall, I blame Moore and Eick for keeping her on, more than I blame Jane herself.

The constant "but she's so fun to work with!" excuses didn't change the fact that the actual product was "off"

I got tired of watching BSG and Caprica, it felt like an obligation.

The old "if you don't like our show, you're just not smart enough!" thing they've been pulling since the series finale.

The age of the Ron Moore re-imagined BSG-verse is over. We're now grasping at straws like when Star Trek was in the Voyager/Enterprise years.

Lost is ending too.

Can't we just move on to something else?