Evil author Jane Austen kidnaps a poor girl and sends her back to the past to relive her novel Pride and Prejudice. Actually it's heroine Elizabeth Bennett who locks the modern-day Amanda Price in her world, letting her escape a boring job and a burpy couch-potato boyfriend. But it's not all giggles and pinafores in the new UK show Lost In Austen, which brings the Life On Mars formula to the Regency era. By the time Amanda sees the downside of being stuck in Pride and Prejudice, she's trapped. Click through for a clip from the show that premieres on ITV1 this fall.

I'm sorry, but if I get a time machine, I'm not going back to the time of stuffed shirts and tea parties. They had to do their business in a pot. Plus no AC. It's straight to the future for me. But I could change my mind for a hot piece of Darcy action. [ITV1]