Jamie Kennedy Joins Eureka. And Fargo Strips Down, Terminator Style!

Last we checked on the super-intelligent townsfolk of Eureka, Wil Wheaton and Matt Frewer were stopping by for the new season. Since then, Fargo's dropped his pants and Jamie Kennedy has joined the cast. Watch the hilarious "Farganator" clip now.

Season four of Eureka will be back this July — and boy, have they've been busy filming. If you've checked Fargo actor Neil Grayston's Twitter, he's been updating all sorts of Eureka goodies, about being chased through the woods by various monsters, yet again.


But the latest Eureka promo is a bit different, Fargo is imitating the infamous Terminator time traveling scene, down to the full nudity. Is Fargo turning evil? Sounds promising to us.

In other news, prankster comedian Jamie Kennedy will be joining the cast, as a super clever scientist who hopes to colonize Mars — clearly it's type casting. According to SciFi Wire:

Jamie Kennedy will play Dr. Ramsey in the episode entitled "The Story of O2," directed by series star Colin Ferguson. In the episode, Sheriff Jack Carter (Ferguson) leaves Eureka to visit his daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) at Harvard while the town celebrates Space Week. A new self-propagating oxygen technology developed by Dr. Ramsey in order to potentially colonize on Mars mysteriously begins to build up in the atmosphere above Eureka threatening to incinerate the entire town. The episode is scheduled to premiere Friday, July 30, 2010.


We eagerly await the new episodes, and hopefully a few more surprise guests.

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