Jamie Foxx Fights a Superpowered Drug Ring in the First Trailer for Project Power

“Bet you didn’t think I had one of these ready to go?”
“Bet you didn’t think I had one of these ready to go?”
Photo: Netflix
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Everybody wants to be a superhero, and now everyone can. In the first trailer for Project Power, a drug called Power can temporarily access people’s inner superpowers. But bringing these abilities to the world comes at a price, and former soldier Art (Jamie Foxx) doesn’t think it’s worth the cost.

Netflix has released the first trailer for Project Power, a new film about a drug that gives people superpowers for five minutes at a time. The only catch is that you don’t know what power you’ll get until you take it. Also, it can kill you. People have started using the drug in New Orleans to commit crimes, tapping into advantages like invincibility and invisibility—and garnering the attention of folks who want to seize and control it for use in the police and military.

Art teams up with Robin (Dominique Fishback), a young woman who’s been dealing Power, and a police officer played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt to find the source of the drug and put a stop to its spread. However, it becomes clear that Art has his own reasons for wanting to stop the folks behind Power, as they’re responsible for the death of his wife and the abduction of his daughter.


We’ve previously seen the “magic as addiction” storyline in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it looks like it’s come into the world of comic book and superhero films—although it’s technically not the first time we’ve seen it enter this realm. This was also a plot line in the third season of NBC’s Heroes.

Project Power debuts on Netflix August 14.

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a police officer played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt