James Spader's Nude Dimension-Hopping

2000's Supernova was a confusing mess with like 27 directors, but I love its method of faster-than-light travel. For one thing, you have to be totally naked in order to be protected within the bio-protection units. (And even then, your face might melt, like this ship's captain's.) For another, you see trippy-ass visions during the hyperspace jump, while cool crackly zaps bathe the ship. Another point in this scene's favor: James Spader bulked up to play the movie's action hero. Click through for a clip of Spader sharing a bio-protection unit with Angela Bassett (which may not be work-safe.)

I love Angela Bassett and her robot both giving the bad guy the finger before they blow him up. And the cool 9th-dimensional-explosion looks pretty awesome. Supernova has some of my favorite VFX work, even if it did get directed into oblivion by a small army, including Francis Ford Coppola in an advisory role.


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Charlie Jane Anders

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