James Marsters Saddles Up For Alien Western

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Genre workhorse James Masters is getting back into harness one more time. Our beloved vampire and gay time traveler will be killing big fat alien bugs out West amongst the coyotes and dirt roads in a new Sci Fi Channel original movie. Marsters plays an outlaw who escapes death thanks to some dangerous aliens, but mostly the whole business seems like an excuse to have the awesomeness of Spike in a cowboy hat. Details and spoilers below.According to Muse Entertainment the movie is described as as:

Alien Western, a sci-fi television film about giant, vicious, alien bugs that come to earth to gorge themselves on the uranium deposits found in the ground of an Old West town, began principal photography this week in Romania starring James Marsters as Sam Danville, an outlaw who is about to be hanged when the aliens land.


Sounds like a Tremors rip, which is fine by me. You can't have enough scifi Westerns, especially when you get old cult character actors involved (yes sorry he will always be Spike to me). [Muse Entertainment via Whedonesque]

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Chris Braak

I have a number of questions here.

1) How do I get to be involved in these pictures? I promise you I could make "Alien Western" work.

2) Why would you shoot a cowboy movie in Romania? I mean, it's cheap, obviously, but aren't there cheap places to shoot that actually resemble the American Southwest? Like Mexico, or somewhere?

3) I don't really have a three. I saw a movie yesterday on SciFi about a man that got wolf powers because he was in an accident and scientists gave him WOLF EYES.

Presumably, no one had informed the scientists that wolves don't really see that well.