We've waited and waited to hear what James Marsters' computer-modified voice would sound like in Dragonball Evolution, and some new clips deliver. More clips, including a weird hair gag, below.

He speaks - and holy hell does he sound like one of those movie announcer fellas. I wish they would tone down the bass a little and tone up the Marsters for this version of Piccolo. But I do like the whole hand-squishing-the-house move.


More Dragonball Evolution fighting scenes, including one showing how you can flick a fly in mid air into your opponent's throat, and it still doesn't stop them:

This last clip is actually the first trailer that has perked my interest, mainly because it's all live action Anime gags and eye-bulges. That Justin Chatwin, he's kind of growing on me. Dragonball Evolution will be in theaters on April 8th.

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