Few would argue with the fact that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is the best film in the Trek franchise. It’s got action, suspense, huge twists, an amazing villain, and perhaps most importantly for the matter at hand, an iconic score by the late, great James Horner.

Now, Mondo is releasing that score on limited edition vinyl, and it looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to new art by Matt Taylor. Even if you’re familiar with the main themes—you should be!—it’ll have some fresh moments, as it’s the extended score, “featuring cues rarely released for home listening,” according to Birth Movies Death.


Check out the set from all angles.


If you can’t read the track listing on that back cover, here it is:

01. Main Title (3:06)

02. Surprise on Ceti Alpha V (0:45)

03. Khan’s Pets (4:19)

04. The Eels of Ceti Alpha V / Kirk in Space Shuttle (3:53)

05. Enterprise Clears Moorings (3:33)

06. Chekov Lies (0:40)

07. Spock (1:12)

08. Kirk Takes Command / He Tasks Me (2:07)

09. Genesis Project (3:16)

10. Surprise Attack (5:07)

11. Kirk’s Explosive Reply (4:01)

12. Inside Regula I (1:35)

13. Brainwashed (1:24)

14. Captain Terrell’s Death (1:58)

15. Buried Alive (0:57)

16. The Genesis Cave (1:09)

17. Battle In The Mutara Nebula (8:07)

18. Enterprise Attacks Reliant (1:29)

19. Genesis Countdown (6:34)

20. Spock (Dies) (1:53)

21. Amazing Grace (1:26)

22. Epilogue / End Title (8:41)

23. Epilogue (Original Version) / End Title (7:29)

The set will be on sale January 13 at mondotees.com for $35. Follow @MondoNews for the heads up. Stop drooling and get your credit cards ready, weak humans.



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