James Gunn Teases A Ton Of Details About Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume Two!

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Has Disneyland given us a first hint at Spider-Man’s movie costume? Get a look at some new Starfleet uniforms in Star Trek Beyond pictures. Doctor Who teases Maisie Williams’ upcoming role. Plus The Flash might be bringing Jay Garrick and Caitlin Snow closer, and a new clip from Star Wars Rebels. Spoilers!

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

In a video interview with fans on Facebook, James Gunn has dropped a ton of teasers for the second Guardians film. Gunn confirmed that casting for the film was wrapping up, ahead of the 10 month shoot in Atlanta getting underway in February. But otherwise, here’s a few of Gunn’s hints! On a new character potentially joining team Guardians:

I’m not going to give names and I won’t give numbers either, but there will be at least one new character in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.


Whether or not comics character Adam Warlock will be in the movie—and whether Warlock could play a part in Avengers: Infinity War:

You guys gotta wait and see... Everything’s going to be different in the ‘Infinity Wars.’ I’m a lot more concerned with ‘Vol. 2’ than I am with ‘Infinity Wars.’ The way the movie [’Vol. 2’] is structured and made – it really is a story unto itself. It’s not about leading up to anything else. It’s about the Guardians and their lives.

And on whether Gunn will continue his involvement with Marvel after the film:

Probably! If the second one does well. You guys will have to go see the second one. There’s a lot of other Marvel cosmic properties that I’d be interested in helping usher to the screen. I talk about it a lot but, if I said too much here, Marvel might track me down and shoot me.

As long as I’m working with Marvel, I’ll probably be working on ‘Guardians’ and ‘Guardians’-related projects.


If you’d like to see the whole 50 minute Q&A in full, here it is below.

Robin Hood: Origins

The Robin Hood reboot from Lionsgate has been pushed back, in order for star Taron Egerton to complete his contractual obligation to the Kingsman sequel. [THR]



Disney have announced that Spider-Man will now be one of the costumed superheroes appearing at Disneyland theme parks from November—releasing the news alongside a picture of the new Spider-Man outfit actors will wear at the parks for character greetings.


This has lead to speculation that this suit, which is largely true to the comics design, is an indication of how the hero will appear in Captain America: Civil War and the Spider-Man reboot. Considering the fact that this news was released with little fanfare, it’s unlikely that this is the actual costume from the movies. [Comic Book]

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MGM’s long-in-the-works reboot of the classic 1983 film about a young hacker who accidentally access a military supercomputer will allegedly be an interactive “video experience”, allowing viewers to determine the outcome. [Variety]


Captain Marvel

UFC fighter and budding actor Ronda Rousey has spent the past few months trying to hype up a push to get her cast as Carol Danvers in the movie—but speaking to ET Online, Rousey has said she’s hoping to get enough acting experience before the film begins production to at least be seriously considered for the role:

Hopefully by the time ‘Captain Marvel’ comes around, I will have enough experience and skills in the field for them to really seriously consider me.



Lionsgate have announced a partnership with comic book publisher Double Take to adapt their recently launched Z-Men comic books, loosely connected stories set in the world of the classic horror franchise Night of the Living Dead.


Star Trek Beyond

A few more pictures from filming in Dubai have emerged, revealing some new designs for Starfleet uniforms. [Trek Core]


Crimson Peak

Here’s a new featurette on the film, discussing the scale and scope of its visuals.


Lucy Lawless speaks out on the reboot, and whether or not she’ll be involved in a major way:

Too early to say, because if they don’t honour the original, you know the covenant with the fans, then I wouldn’t touch it with a forty-foot flagpole, as Bruce [Campbell, her Xena and Ash Vs. Evil Dead co-star] would say.

And then, their concern is that I would overshadow whoever was playing [the lead role], which may or may not be legit, but do I want to be used as some sort of warm prop for somebody else’s show. What’s in it for me? And if it wasn’t honouring the intention of the show - like it’s full of T[its] & A[rse], that immediately breaks the covenant with fans - that is not part of female empowerment, that is not part of self-realization, it’s not part of, you know, good over base instincts or everything that the show was about then yeah, I would not want to have a part of it.

I think that character, and the relationship of Xena and Gabrielle, it’s not done, we still need everything that was about, so I totally support them in making it. But how that is realized is a much bigger question. I hope it’s great. I hope that the fans have that again.


[Den of Geek]

Game Of Thrones

The show is looking to cast a new Dothraki character, following the release of a casting call looking for a “warrior in his 30’s or 40’s” with either a “mixed ethnicity or middle eastern background”. The character will have a single line in a scene with some major characters, and requires someone capable of learning said line in a fictional language—pointing even further to a Dothraki. [Watchers on the Wall]


Doctor Who

Here’s a few teasing lines of dialogue from “The Girl Who Died”:

“I’m under attack from four and a bit battle fleets, in case you think I’m slacking.”

“I think there’s something in my space suit.”

“He’s upgraded his phobia.”

“I had a dream you all died.”

“What’s the one thing Gods never do? Gods never show up.”

“The universe is full of testosterone, trust me - it’s unbearable.”

More at the link. [Blogtor Who]

A few pictures from the episode, with a focus on Maisie Williams’ mysterious character Ashildr, have been released—go to the link to see more. [Doctor Who News].

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Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman introduce the episode in a new featurette.

The Flash

Executive producer Aaron Helbing teases a growing relationship between Caitlin Snow and Jay Garrick:

I will say that there’s sort of connection that these two have, I don’t know, a comfort level — sort of an instant comfort level. That wonderful thing you don’t get with too many people in life, that I believe these two experience. I think they’re going to explore that a little bit. Jay and Caitlin are part of this bigger team at S.T.A.R. Labs and they’re going to have a series of interactions that I think we’re going to explore a little bit.

I think he...there’s something that he is struggling with that you’ll start to learn in the next couple episodes. That’s party where Caitlin comes into play, to help him with something


[Comic Book]


Here’s a (low quality) teaser clip from the fifth season premiere, “The Grimm Identity”.

The Vampire Diaries

The Salvatores plan to rescue Caroline in a new clip from “Never Let Me Go”.

Star Wars Rebels

And finally, Ezra introduces the crew of the Ghost to Captain Rex in a new clip from “The Lost Commanders”.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Guardians of the Galaxy.


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trying to hype up a push to get her cast as Carol Danvers in the movie

Meh. I am meh about you Ronda Rousey! Try to be less transmisogynistic and maybe take back your comments and I will be more enthusiastic about your potential casting as Carol.