James Gunn Says That a Brightburn Sequel Might Be on the Table After All

Jackson Dunn in Brightburn.
Jackson Dunn in Brightburn.
Image: Sony Pictures

Brightburn certainly felt like the start of something. While a bit uneven, the super-horror flick had the potential to be filled out with a more complex, engaging sequel.


And while the film didn’t perform exceptionally, the possibility of a sequel is not entirely off the table, according to James Gunn, who produced the film, which was directed by David Yarovesky and written by Brian and Mark Gunn. In a reply on Instagram, Gunn said that, while a sequel isn’t on the table for immediate production, it’s absolutely being considered.

While that reply has been lost to the wiles of the internet, Entertainment Weekly transcribed it: Gunn said, “I think I’m tied up for the next few years with Suicide Squad and then Guardians, but we’re talking about the sequel.”

Brightburn starred the young Jackson A Dunn as a terrifying riff on a child Superman, and his performance alone deserves another movie. I’d enjoy seeing a slightly aged up version of this character, and see the world struggle against him.

So Brightburn 2? Yeah, maybe—but it’ll be a while. 

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Brightburn was disappointing because it was just what the trailers said it was: What if Superman was evil? Except for the news report at the end, there wasn’t any twist or complication to make it interesting. If they had somehow been able to keep the fact that the kid turns evil a secret or at least added someone heroic to fight him then it might have been interesting.