James Gunn Just Shot Down a Tantalizing Rumor About Guardians Of The Galaxy 2!

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Steven Moffat reveals why he wanted River Song back on Doctor Who. Mark Hamill talks about the legacy of Star Wars. There’s even more rumors about Game of Thrones’ worst-kept secret. Plus, pictures from the Flash/Arrow crossovers, and Chris Hemsworth wants more jokes in the next Thor. Spoilers Get!

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Much tumult about the identity of Star-Lord’s alien father occurred yesterday, after Heroic Hollywood posted what they claimed was a major scoop. The site declared that Captain Marvel would be revealed as Peter Quill’s father—specifically, the classic incarnation of Captain Marvel, the Kree warrior Mar-Vell who ultimately gives Carol Danvers the powers that turn her into Ms., and eventually Captain, Marvel.


However, shortly after, James Gunn took to his Facebook account to thoroughly deny the piece, saying the rumors are “completely false, and aren’t even close to the truth” before launching into a tirade against people attempting to leak details about the film—so it looks like the scoop has been debunked for now.

Thor: Ragnarok

Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Hemsworth thinks the next Thor movie should take a leaf out of its book when it comes to humor:

I think [Thor: Ragnarok] needs to be injected with that sort of smart wit and unexpected kind of humor, kind of what James Gunn came in and did with Guardians [of the Galaxy]. It was like off center and unpredictable, and I think we can definitely use a dose of that, you know?



Doctor Strange

Marvel officially announced the film has entered production, including an official announcement of the main cast and confirming Mads Mikkelsen:

Marvel Studios announced today that production has begun on “Doctor Strange,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch (“Black Mass,” “The Imitation Game”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (“12 Years a Slave,” “The Martian”), Rachel McAdams (“Southpaw,” “Sherlock Holmes”) and Michael Stuhlbarg (“Steve Jobs,” “A Serious Man”) with Mads Mikkelsen (“Clash of the Titans,” “Casino Royale”) and Academy Award® winner Tilda Swinton (“Michael Clayton,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel”)


Toy Story 4

Pixar president Ed Catmull talks about following up the classic Toy Story trilogy:

In the case of Toy Story, we had basically the perfect trilogy. So, in this case, it’s not like, ‘OK, you can go on to the next step.’ We really wrapped that one up. At this point, you’ve got to go in a very different direction. This is a different kind of exploration.



Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Mark Hamill discusses how the film passes on the torch from the old guard of Han, Luke, and Leia:

It is about setting up the next generation of heroes and villains, but the fact that half a dozen cast members from the originals can be there to place it in some sort of context, to be there for the historical side of things, I think it’s wonderful. Young people can see the progression of the characters. I’m old enough to be Luke’s grandfather now, and that’s a healthy, natural thing for people to see.


[Den of Geek]

Game of Thrones

Spanish fansite Los Siete Reinos (via Watchers on the Wall) reports that Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre, has a smaller role in the sixth season—and that the few scenes she did film were shrouded in intense secrecy, lending credence to rumors that she is heavily involved in the resurrection of Jon Snow. The site also reports that the CG stand-in prop for Jon’s direwolf, Ghost, was prominent in van Houten’s scenes—and that the wolf will appear in a much larger capacity in the season as a whole.



TV Line has uncovered a casting call for a major figure on the show: a teenage version of Kal-El, a.k.a. Superman. The Teenager of Steel will appear in the show’s thirteenth episode, and eventually develop into a recurring role via flashbacks.


Luke Cage

The Netflix series has cast Sonia Braga as Soledad Temple—the mother of Claire Temple, Rosario Dawson’s nurse character who appeared in both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. [Marvel]


Jessica Jones

Melissa Rosenberg discusses when—if at all—a second season will happen:

I hope so. There certainly is [room for a second season to happen before Defenders] storytelling wise. The question becomes is there actual time? There are logistics involved, because Defenders has to shoot by a certain time, contractually. Actually, I’m not sure; I’m not at all involved in those conversations, much to my dismay. The first question is whether or not we will even get a second season. The second question is, if so, when? Will it be before The Defenders or after? I’d certainly love it to be before but there are things that play into that — time, availability.




Here’s the press release for “Wessen Nacht”:

TARGETED ATTACKS ON WESEN BUSINESS OWNERS REVEAL THAT MONROE MIGHT BE IN DANGER - JACQUELINE TOBONI AND DAMIEN PUCKLER GUEST STAR - Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigate a wave of coordinated Wesen gang vandalism that results in the death of a local business owner and the kidnapping of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) friend. As they dig deeper, they learn that Portland wasn’t the only city hit with a wave of violence. Meanwhile, Truble (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) fills Nick and Adalind (Claire Coffee) on what she has been up to. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) dips his toes into politics as he endorses a local candidate.


[Spoiler TV]

Doctor Who

The BBC have released a synopsis for the as-yet-untitled Christmas Special:

It’s Christmas Day on a remote human colony and the Doctor is hiding from Christmas Carols and Comedy Antlers. But when a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song’s squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy.

King Hydroflax (Greg Davies) is furious, and his giant Robot bodyguard is out-of-control and coming for them all! Will Nardole (Matt Lucas) survive? And when will River Song work out who the Doctor is?

All will be revealed on a starliner full of galactic super-villains and a destination the Doctor has been avoiding for a very long time.


[Doctor Who Online]

And with it, a new picture featuring the Twelfth Doctor and River Song. [Den of Geek]


Steven Moffat discusses returning to River Song after her death in “The Name of The Doctor”, as well as the Christmas episode’s tone:

I really fancied it. I hadn’t written River for a couple of years and I’d missed her. I thought, given that I’m knackered at the end of a series, what would be a treat for me would be getting Alex Kingston back onto Doctor Who.

Our current series of Doctor Who gets quite dark towards the end so I thought it was time, at Christmas, to take it back up. It’s towards the comedy thriller end of the Doctor Who market. It’s light, and quite emotional at the end.

The big deal is Doctor No 12 encountering River and vice versa. It’s strange because they’re now, in our human terms, the perfect couple. They’re both sexy older people. It’s always been slightly strange before with Matt Smith. Now, yeah, they could actually be married. It works. Alex is great with Peter.

It’s a great romp for Christmas Day but there’s not a lot of Christmas in it. It starts with a big bit of Christmas at the beginning and then we ignore it and go off on a chase, really, with Mr and Mrs Who.


[Blogtor Who]

Arrow/The Flash

Tom Amandes has been cast as the comic book villain The Calculator. The character will appear in two episodes, beginning with “Unchained”, and is described as “a criminal mastermind and technical genius... [who] uses his advanced skills in computer science and internet manipulation to blackmail Roy [Colton Haynes] out of retirement to do his bidding, which leads to an epic battle with Team Arrow.” [TV Line]


Here’s a bevy of pictures from “Legends of Yesterday” and “Legends of Today”, the two-part crossover event between Arrow and The Flash—go here to see more from “Yesterday”, and here to see more from “Today”.



Finally, here’s a few pictures from the show’s one-off Winter special, “The Abominable Bride”. [Den of Geek]


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Guardians of the Galaxy.


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