James Franco explains why Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a whole new take on primate rebellion

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Star James Franco explains that his entry in the Planet of the Apes saga has a very different theme from that of Charlton Heston's original - and that it's all about why science and money are dangerous to mix together.


Yet another round of high-res Amazing Spider-Man photos have been released.

Bill Pullman and Jane Espenson preview what's ahead on Torchwood: Miracle Day.

We've got the latest crazy — and almost certainly fake — explanation of what happens in The Dark Knight Rises.


Plus Clark Gregg explains what sets The Avengers apart from other ensemble movies - and it's not the presence of superheroes!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Cowboys & Aliens.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

James Franco explains why this latest entry in the decades-old franchise is different from what's come before:

If you compare our movie to the other ones, I think there's a huge shift in theme. The early Apes movies are much more about cultures clashing, and the later ones became much more about race. In ours, they've shifted the emphasis — it's a Frankenstein story. But Mary Shelley's book was more about a scientist playing God. Our film is really a cautionary tale about what can happen when experimentation is unchecked... I suppose there must be altruistic scientists out there working for the betterment of humankind. But like anything — movies, religion, anything-money gets bound up in it all. That's where it gets dangerous.

Franco also explains what it was like working with Andy Serkis as the performance capture basis for the super-intelligent chimpanzee Caesar:

On set, Andy would be dressed in an outfit that looked like gray pajamas, with a ton of wires around him and a small camera at the end of a wire armature pointed at his face to capture his expressions. He looked nothing like a chimpanzee, but he was so good at capturing the behavior of a chimpanzee that I guess my actor's imagination took over. It was like acting with a chimpanzee who has amazing acting instincts.


There's more at the link, including his brief critique of the ethics of the Bradley Cooper film Limitless, which ends with his admission that he fell asleep before the end. [Wired]

The Amazing Spider-Man

Here are a bunch more high-res photos from Entertainment Weekly, including our first official look at Denis Leary as Captain George Stacy and much better glimpses of Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. [/Film]


Captain America

Sebastian Stan explains the movie's take on his character, Bucky Barnes:

I found this version of the character to be very human. This is a guy who essentially grew up as an orphan. He's got Steve, whom he treats like a brother, this is his only family, and at the same time, he lives in a conflicted world. He was born into the military, but he has started to question himself. He has seen the horrors of war, he understands what it is. But he is constantly looking to better himself. Is he getting what he should be getting out of life? At the same time, the conflict is that he will never let anything happen to Steve. That ties directly into the circumstances that he is in. I think those are very real issues. Its not about, "Let's go kick some butt!" all the time. It's also about this internal struggle. I thought that was interesting.



Here's a new featurette.

Illustration for article titled James Franco explains why Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a whole new take on primate rebellion

Here's another poster. [Marvel]

The Avengers

Clark Gregg, who plays Agent Coulson, says he's finished filming in Albuquerque but still has some scenes left to do in Cleveland. He also offered this quote emphasizing the movie's humor:

I was in Albuquerque two days ago. There's almost nothing I can say, except that it's the funnest ensemble movie in the history of the planet, and that Joss Whedon is God.


He also said an Agent Coulson spin-off movie isn't out of the question:

You know, I certainly think it's a great idea. I'm just trying to get the Marvel guys as excited about it as I am. They seem to be weirdly more open to it. There's more talk about seeing Agent Coulson in some other mediums, lately, and I'm open to the idea.



The Dark Knight Rises

Someone claiming to be an extra in the film also claims to know key plot details. There aren't really enough grains of salt in the universe to deal with this one, but here's the heavily sic'ed account:

The Epic Conclusion is referring to the fight scene between Bane and Batman. Batman does get bloodied and beating to a pulp finally bane has Batman over his head in the air .....well you just have to find out what happens but the first offical trailer you will see has young Ra's al ghul and Catwoman.But it is Bane and batman at the end of the trailer batman is limping and Bane is Limping as well, Batman walks up to Bane before they fight and Bane says Iv'e been waiting for you pumps his Venom up then turns his head then Batman backs up.


Honestly, I'm not even totally sure what's being discussed here, but I'm still pretty sure it's bogus. [Know Your Marvel News]

Cowboys & Aliens

Here are some more photos. [IGN]

Actor Brendan Wayne - whose grandfather John was also known for the occasional cowboy film - discuss his part in the movie:

I do play Deputy Lyle who is technically Keith Carradine's deputy. He plays Sheriff Taggart. Deputy Lyle gets to go on the adventure of a lifetime in this movie! Jon Favreau, the director, just did such a beautiful job making a western...Deputy Lyle gets to go on a little chase. He's going to find the people that they've lost and that journey is fantastic!


[Smashing Interviews Magazine]


Here are some set photos from Iceland. [AVP Galaxy]

The Hobbit

And now we've completed the first look photos of all the dwarves. There's a photo of Ken Stott and Graham McTavish as Balin and Dwalin, and then Richard Armitage as their king Thorin Oakenshield, compete with his sword Ocrist, the Goblin cleaver. [Time and TheOneRing.net]


Knights of Badassdom

Here are some more promo photos of the LARPing-based horror movie starring Summer Glau, True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Community's Danny Pudi, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Jimmi Simpson, and America's greatest living actor, Peter Dinklage. (And no, I don't think I'm exaggerating on that last point.) Director Joe Lynch also discusses the movie's premise, and how it follows Kwanten's Joe into the world of live-action role-playing:

"Joe is a wannabe rockstar whose girlfriend (Margarita Levieva) broke up with him, his band is kaput, he lost his job, and his buddies are like, ‘Look you had a bad day, but instead of going to a bar, come with us and go LARPing and escape. Live outside your box a little."


And then, long story short, some demons show up. (I said I was keeping it short.) Lynch also explains what appeals to him about the movie:

"I love the idea of wish-fulfillment, that you can work in Baja Fresh or at an office all week but on the weekend you can throw on armor made of pizza boxes or have a sword with duct tape on it and become an elf or a thief or a rogue. And the outside world goes away."



Men in Black 3

Here's a set video featuring Will Smith and Josh Brolin filming at Long Island's Robert Moses State Park. [Shockya]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here's a promo for episode three, "Dead of Night."

Jane Espenson discusses writing Captain Jack:

I had a wonderful time writing this Jack – I got to dig deeply into his psyche in our episode seven – there is a conversation that gets pretty raw and wonderful. Russell kept sending me back out to rewrite it, saying that there was more there, that I could go deeper. I never would have found what I found without that instruction. I'm starting to think that every writer should just keep being sent home with that instruction. The results are pretty cool.


She also offers some general descriptions for her solo-written episodes:

I wrote 3, 5 and 7. I also co-wrote episodes 8 and 10, but as my solo efforts, 3, 5 and 7 are my babies. In no particular order, to preserve suspense- one of them is a "dark night of the soul" episode – a chance for the characters to catch their breath and take stock of their situation as it stands at that point in the story. I like episodes like this because they are so much about character. One of them involves a romance, which was great fun to write. And the other is tense action and shocking revelations.


[Monsters and Critics]

Bill Pullman explains why he was cast as pedophile murderer Oswald Danes:

"I didn't even think about it until halfway into shooting. I said to [executive producer] Julie Gardner, ‘Why did you cast me? Is there something about me I don't know?' She said, ‘Because you're kind of America's sweetheart.' They were looking to destabilise viewers."


[The Telegraph]

Elsewhere, Pullman confirms the next episode is when Oswald meets the Torchwood team. He also previews the character's journey over the course of the season:

Either by fluke, or coincidence, or divine destiny, his failure to die becomes the pivot for a whole world that has changed. He becomes a global celebrity, in a way. People begin to listen to him and he has a message they want to hear. He's an intelligent guy, so he's recognising opportunities, and sensing all the layers of threat that could come and throw him off his throne. He recognises all these powers that want to co-opt him. He has to make alliances with difficult people that he is not comfortable with. So you get a look at that kind of intricacies of power.


He also revealed that Danes's relationship with Lauren Ambrose's PR person Jilly Kitzinger is "curiously written." [SFX.co.uk]


Co-executive producer Joel Wyman revealed on Twitter that they're currently writing episode three, and that, when asked about Lincoln Lee's return, "you won't be disappointed by Lincoln." [SpoilerTV]


Here's the first teaser trailer for season four, although the clips are taken from the season one episode "The Arrival."

And here's an interview with Joshua Jackson in which he discusses his future on the show.

True Blood

Alan Ball explains why Sookie and Eric are now on the verge of genuine love:

"There's some fun stuff with Sookie and her men coming down the pike. The [amnesia] spell has created an Eric that never would have existed before, and that is the person Sookie is falling for. They're both genuinely falling in love. [Bill] doesn't like it one bit. But eventually the clash between the witches and vampires is going to bring everyone together."


[Digital Spy]


Jewel Staite tweeted that she has completed her filming on Supernatural, confirming she's in the Jensen Ackles-directed third episode. [@JewelStaite]



Matthew MacNulty discusses his character Seth and what's coming up on the new season:

Seth's got Nazis to deal with at the moment, and there'll be some zombies further along the line. And a love story as well. It's good."

He's not a very nice guy, Seth...
"Yeah. I think at first you sort of think that, but I think you get to know Seth a little bit more in this next series and you can kind of get a little bit of an understanding of why he is like he is and I think people will warm to him a little bit more."

What else can you tease to get us excited about Misfits?
"I don't know! We only shoot it block by block. At the moment there's an episode where Hitler doesn't get killed. In the Christmas special, Seth makes a reference to someone giving a power away and someone wanted to go back and kill Hitler. Well, he doesn't get killed. Somebody goes back and Hitler doesn't get killed so when they go back to the future it's a different world, and that's where the Nazi thing comes in. I don't know how that guy's mind works, [creator] Howard [Overman]. It's crazy some of the storylines he comes up with."


Also, regarding the departure of Robert Sheehan as Nathan, he says replacement Joe Gilgun's Rudy "well and truly takes the baton from Nathan." [Digital Spy]

Falling Skies

Child actor Maxim Knight, who plays Matt Mason on the show, gives a general preview of what lies ahead:

There's not that much stuff that I could say, but there is more detail on the harnesses coming up, and the alien ship.

A couple episodes ago, we saw Matt working with Scott to get the radio online again. Will we see more of that in the future, now that he's been promoted to Communications Officer?
Yeah I'm gonna still be working with Scott. But with the radio thing, there's gonna be a lot more than just Skitters having radios in their heads.



The next episode features a big reveal about a character, and, on a related note, some follow-up on why Ben seems a bit strange after his return. [EW]


Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.


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