James Franco and Dennis Quaid Join the Intriguing Scifi Film Kin

James Franco in The Interview. Image: Sony Pictures
James Franco in The Interview. Image: Sony Pictures

An ex-con and his adopted brother are on the run from the authorities, an evil criminal, and enhanced soldiers. Outnumbered, the only way they’ll survive is by finding a mysterious, ancient weapon in Kin, an upcoming scifi film by Josh and Jonathan Baker.

It’ll star Jack Reynor, James Franco, Dennis Quaid and Zoe Kravitz; Reynor is the con, Franco is the criminal, Quaid is Reynor’s father, and Kravitz joins the brothers on the run. The film is an expansion of the ideas in the short film Bag Man, which we wrote about back in 2014.


Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen’s company 21 Laps is among the producers; if that name sounds familiar, they recently released a little show called Stranger Things. They’ll hope to get Kin picked up for distribution at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.


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