James Cameron's science fiction epic Avatar won't be just another CGI-heavy 3-D movie. Instead, says Cameron, the alien encounter movie starring Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington will be more real than regular films, and will revolutionize movie-making.

(Image above is fake Avatar concept art, which was discredited a while back.)
At the Microsoft Advance '08 Conference James Cameron explained the new way of filming he used to bring a more true to life feel. Says Cameron:

One more layer of the suspension of disbelief will be removed. All the syn-thespians are photo-realistic. Now that we've achieved it, we discovered CG characters in 3D look more real than in 2D. Your brain is cued - it's a real thing not a picture - and discounting part of [the] image that makes it look fake.


These "syn-thespians" are the characters that we know and love, but who have always stuck out when imposed next to real life actors. Such as Gollum, the CloverfieldMonster and every non-human being in the Star Wars prequels. It took Cameron over 10 years to bring the technology used in Avatar to life.

Cameron touts Avatar as the single most complex piece of film-making ever, "We have 1,600 shots for a 2.5 hour movie. It's not with a single CGI character, like King Kong or Gollum. We have hundreds of photo-realistic CG characters."

The Director even throws story-lines and character development to the way side explaining that he's spent so much time focusing on the technology that, "I don't know whether it will be a great film from a narrative and critical standpoint. The experience of Avatar will be an experience unlike any other movies." Still I'm sure Cameron is just being modest as he's proven himself as a great scifi writer before. With all the years he's spent working on this project let's hope it doesn't disappoint. [Empire Online]