James Cameron is giving NASA tips on how to equip the Mars Rover with a better camera, for footage that he may use for a 3-D documentary. It's good to have endless cash and an undying love of space.

Pasadena Star News is reporting about a meeting Cameron took with NASA administrator Charles Bolden, in which he convinced NASA to buy a 3-D camera for its next mission.

Cameron convinced NASA to buy a 3-D camera for Curiosity. It will sit on top of the rover's mast - even though a mast camera, without 3-D capabilities, had already been built and was delivered to JPL this month.


The camera is so advanced that "as you're driving, you could make a movie," states Joy Crisp, JPL deputy project scientist on Mars Science Laboratory. Now listed as a co-investor on the project, Cameron is taking great pains to see if the camera will be ready by launch, which is set for 2011. But only time will tell.

Let's just hope the Rover doesn't fall in love while on this alien planet, because we've heard this story before.