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James Cameron says the Avatar sequels are a ways off, but we'll get something soon that will hint at what's ahead. Sony wants Hollywood's new best villain to be their bad guy. Is Gotham City relocating? Plus a Transformers romance!

Avatar 2 and 3:

James Cameron had this to say about where he's at for the sequel scripts:

I have an overall narrative arc for 2 and 3, and there are some modifications to that based on my experiences in the last few months from having gone down to the Amazon and actually hung out with various indigenous groups who are actually living this type of story for real…but it's not changing the overall pattern. I haven't gotten the script done yet; that's going to be a ways out.


He also explained his next priority is writing the novelization of Avatar, which he says will provide some hints as to what's coming next. [MarketSaw via /Film]

Spider-Man Reboot:

Sony is reportedly interested in Inglourious Basterds and Green Hornet villain Christoph Waltz to play the villain in the new movie, with most people assuming he'd play the Lizard. (It may or may not matter that he is the second Inglourious Basterds star Sony wanted for the role - they first pursued Michael Fassbender, but he decided to play Magneto in X-Men: First Class instead.) We're definitely in grain of salt territory here, but it would certainly be a hell of a lot of fun to have Waltz involved. [The Playlist]


Green Lantern:

Warner Bros is reportedly so confident of the film's success that they plan to start shooting the sequel before the original even comes out. These same rumors indicate that Warner might simultaneously greenlight Green Lantern 2 and Green Lantern 3, with the former released in summer or Christmas 2012 and the latter in 2013. [BleedingCool]

And here are some photos sent to us by tipster David Kolb. Thanks David!

Batman 3:

Here's another report about Warner Bros' inner workings - they are reportedly considering setting at least half of the third Batman movie in New Orleans to take advantage of the huge Louisiana tax breaks, which would free up the $200 million budget for use elsewhere. Green Lantern just wrapped shooting in New Orleans, which doubles as Coast City in the Ryan Reynolds movie. If this goes through for Batman 3, the most likely scenario is that Chicago and New Orleans would split duties "portraying" Gotham City. [ComicBookMovie]


Tron Legacy:

Here's a new poster: [MoviesOnline]

Transformers 3:

Lending further credence to the speculation that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's character is Sam's future wife, here's a video of her kissing Shia LeBeouf: [Transformers Live]

And here are some more set photos:

Cloverfield 2:

Director Matt Reeves confirmed he and J.J. Abrams still want to do a sequel, but they're busy with other things right now, so it's a question of waiting for the time to be right. He did confirm Abrams's mysterious new Super 8 has no connection with Cloverfield. [MTV Movies Blog]



Citing "jump the shark" concerns, Joshua Jackson says he'd rather Peter and Olivia remain just friends, for fear a romance would damage what works about the show. Anna Torv, for her part, has said she does want a relationship to happen. [IGN]


Bronson Pinchot, best known for his TV work on Perfect Strangers and Meego, will reportedly guest star on the second episode of the new season. He will play "a tacky and audacious wannabe-matchmaker Chuck meets at Milan's Fashion Week." [TV Guide]


The same report also mentions Armand Assante will return in the fourth episode as Premier Alejandro Goya, dictator of Costa Gravas. To make good on his debt to Captain Awesome for saving his life, he invites the entire gang to his island nation. And then, things get crazy political - at least if another report that says the episode will be entitled "Chuck versus The Coup D'Etat" is to be believed. [SpoilerTV]


David Eick says we should learn the fate of Caprica's second season on or before August 15. [CapricaTV]



BBC America is premiering a new scifi show later this fall about the first colony planet Carpathia, founded after what might well have been a nuclear war back on Earth. The show picks up after contact with Earth is lost, and a mysterious newcomer arrives on the last transport ship to make it off the home planet. The show stars Liam Cunningham as Carpathia's President Tate, Eric Mabius as the newcomer, and Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber in a co-starring role. [Press Tour Journal]

True Blood:

Here's a promo for episode 9, "Everything is Broken": [SpoilerTV]


Fringe actor Sebastian Roché confirmed via Twitter that he will appear on the show. According to executive producer Sera Gamble, he will play Balthazar, an angel ally of Castiel who survived the Apocalypse and is now doing some shady stuff on Earth that Gamble says "we've never seen an angel do before." He will appear in the third episode, entitled "The Third Man." [Fancast]


The fifth episode's title is "You Can't Handle the Truth." [SpoilerTV]

And here are a couple set photos: [SpoilerTV]

Warehouse 13:

Allison Scagliotti dropped some spoilers for what lies ahead for Claudia. The next episode will see an artifact affect Pete to the extent that people think he's drinking again, and his prolonged recovery in the episode after that forces Artie to send Claudia out with Myka into the field. (She also has another field mission coming up with Artie.) H.G. Wells will indeed be back, as will Todd - not surprisingly, there's more going on with him than he's admitting. Also, Claudia will learn something absolutely massive about her destiny towards the end of the season. [Daemon's TV]



There are a whole bunch of fairly major spoilers for the new season here, but here's the biggest one: the red skies are explained by the aliens as "a gift for humanity" that renews life on Earth and turns deserts green. But the real purpose of the skies is to supercharge human fertility in preparation for the breeding program. [SpoilerTV]

The season premiere will be called "Red Rain." [The V-Files]

And here's an image of the digital rendering of a Visitor arm: [The V-Files]

No Ordinary Family:

Here are a couple promos: [SpoilerTV]

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