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James Cameron Says Terminator Genisys Is the Real Terminator 3

Illustration for article titled James Cameron Says iTerminator Genisys /iIs the Real iTerminator 3/i

James Cameron’s seen Terminator: Genisys. And that crazy twist? He loved it! He says he thinks of this film as “the third film.” Sorry, Rise of the Machines and Salvation. Genisys is the new reality.


Cameron self-identifies as a “fanboy” in watching Genisys and he offers reasons why he thinks the franchise worked (characters!) and why the new film is so good (“It’s all about the twist!”). He really, really believes in Genisys, saying that as he watched it:

I start to see things I recognize. It’s being very respectful of first two films. Then all of the sudden, it just swerves. And now I’m going on a journey. I feel like the franchise has been reinvigorated, like this is a renaissance.


At least we can be pretty sure this is Cameron’s real opinion, since he hasn’t been unwilling to criticize Terminator 3 and Salvation in the past. Here’s the video from Yahoo!:

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Hey! Terminator 3 was good! Perfect? No. It had flaws. But it was good. And it had one of the best endings I’ve ever seen on film.