James Cameron Is Penning An Avatar Prequel Novel

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So many questions remained unanswered in James Cameron's Avatar. What happened to Grace's school? What's future Earth like? Why was Jake's supersmart brother randomly killed? The screenplay answered some questions, The rest, Cameron will explain in his new prequel novel.


In an interview with MTV producer Jon Landau revealed Cameron would write a novel to address all the questions the audience may still have about Avatar.

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We're very interested in the future of Earth and hope he finds a way to bring that back to life on TV or in the films. In other news, the above deleted-scene picture of Jake Sulley has popped up on Fan Pop. Looks like more of the same: Jake's Earth life stinks, and he's a hard-ass with tatts. But it does give us all a better look at his character's arm ink.



...I want another Avatar movie...please don't hit me!