James Cameron has no love for Piranha 3-D

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In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Cameron, whose directorial debut was Piranha 2: The Swarming, was asked whether he had any nostalgia for the Piranha franchise. Cameron said no, and claimed the flick's bad for 3-D cinema.


Here's what the director had to say:

You've got to remember: I worked on Piranha 2 for a few days and got fired off of it; I don't put it on my official filmography. So there's no sort of fond connection for me whatsoever. In fact, I would go even farther and say that... I tend almost never to throw other films under the bus, but that is exactly an example of what we should not be doing in 3-D. Because it just cheapens the medium and reminds you of the bad 3-D horror films from the 70s and 80s, like Friday the 13th 3-D. When movies got to the bottom of the barrel of their creativity and at the last gasp of their financial lifespan, they did a 3-D version to get the last few drops of blood out of the turnip. And that's not what's happening now with 3-D. It is a renaissance-right now the biggest and the best films are being made in 3-D. Martin Scorsese is making a film in 3-D. Disney's biggest film of the year-Tron: Legacy-is coming out in 3-D. So it's a whole new ballgame.


Of course, Cameron's stint with the Piranha franchise wasn't a pleasant one. Here's what he said about the experience in 1991:

Technically, I have a credit as the director on that film. However, I was replaced after two-and-a-half weeks by the Italian producer. He just fired me and took over, which is what he wanted to do when he hired me. It wasn't until much later that I even figured out what had happened. It was like, "Oh, man, I thought I was doing a good job." But when I saw what they were cutting together, it was horrible. And then the producer wouldn't take my name off the picture because [contractually] they couldn't deliver it with an Italian name. So they left me on, no matter what I did. I had no legal power to influence him from Pomona, California, where I was sleeping on a friend's couch. I didn't even know an attorney. In actual fact, I did some directing on the film, but I don't feel it was my first movie.

If you've never seen Piranha 2, all you need to know is that they fly. And oh yeah, Lance Henriksen is in it.

[Vanity Fair via Bloody Disgusting]


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