James Bond's Greatest Space Battle

Squads of NASA commandos laser-blast space terrorists in this awesome set piece from Moonraker, James Bond's Star Wars knockoff. My favorite part: when the astronauts get killed in this zero-G environment, they sometimes start falling, as if their willpower alone had been holding them up. Moonraker marked the apex of James Bond's career as a science hero, but click through for some of the other James Bond scifi highlights.

The actual plot of Moonraker is surprisingly boring. There are some fancy orchids, and this beardy Nazi guy wants to use them to make a toxin that kills humans so he can breed cute blond people in miniskirts, and Zzzzzzz... But the effects work is pretty great, especially this sequence. The dozens of people floating between the space shuttle and the space station look totally boss. It's the only scene that lives up to my childhood memories.


Other great moments in James Bond's science fiction movie career:

You Only Live Twice (1967). A giant spacecraft is gobbling up U.S. and Soviet space capsules from Earth orbit. Bond discovers that Blofeld, operating out of Japan, is capturing spacecraft to try and provoke World War III. Also, this movie features miniature rocket launcher guns.


Diamonds Are Forever (1971). Blofeld again, this time trying to collect a bunch of diamonds so he can build a giant laser satellite to hold the world to ransom.

The Man With The Golden Gun (1974). Count Dooku has three nipples and he wants to steal a new solar power gadget that could revolutionize energy technology. We're not sure why. We got stuck on "Dooku has three nipples."

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). The villain, Stromberg, has a massive undersea base and he wants to start a new underwater civilization by nuking the Earth's surface.

Goldeneye (1995). Bond's former spy colleague wants to take control over a huge satellite-based weapons system and use it to destroy the Bank of England.


Die Another Day (2002). Another satellite-based weapons system, the Icarus. This time it's trying to detonate a section of the minefield between North and South Korea, allowing the North Koreans to invade.

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Annalee Newitz

omg I love the "pew pew pew" noises!