What's James Bond's Darkest Secret? First Teaser Trailer For SPECTRE!

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The first teaser trailer for the new James Bond movie, Spectre, raises more questions than it answers. What's the secret that James Bond won't share with anyone, because he won't trust anyone? And why is James Bond venturing into the shadowy world of secret organizations?

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Crow's Newer Hair

I hope to god they changed the script from what was leaked earlier in the year. Because that was some dumb bullshit.

No one cares about Bond's past. No one cares about his personal motivations. He isn't Batman. He's a tool. He gets things done. He's an uninvolved third-party intent on altering outcomes by inserting himself into it.

Not EVERYTHING has to be connected to Bond's personal life. He's cool, calm, and disassociated from the drama, save for getting the girl.