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James Bond is back! The 23rd Bond film now has a name, Skyfall. Yep, that's not what we were expecting either, but at least it's a little science fiction-y, right?


In a press conference today it was announced that Daniel Craig would be slipping on the Brioni suit one more time, with director Sam Mendes. The director also revealed a few plot details — specifically, that Skyfall (oof) will test the relationship between Bond and M, when her past comes back to haunt the agency. MI6 is under attack and Bond has to destroy the threat. The plot is not tied to any specific work by the Bond author Ian Fleming, and is not directly tied to the already established story arc from Craig's last two films.

Judi Dench will be returning as M and Javier Bardem has been cast as the lead villain, which is just fantastic.


[via LA Times]

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