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Adventure Time is back at the end of the month, and Finn and Jake are coming back to Ooo... except, it’s not the Ooo they remember. It’s somehow even weirder, and that’s saying something.

The third miniseries following Stakes and Islands, Elements will see Jake and Finn, alongside the Ice King and Betty, exploring what’s become of their home during Jake’s ocean expedition in Islands and encountering a mysterious orb. It turns out, in their time away, Ooo has become a much stranger place than usual, full of new characters, landscapes and feelings. Check out a glimpse below, in Elements’ opening credits sequence:

Elements will kick off with a special episode airing on April 21st, before running across April 24th to April 27th in two-episode batches each night. It seems like in the run up to the show’s endgame in a few seasons, that we can expect more of these deeper event miniseries to crop up as we head towards Adventure Time’s conclusion next year.


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