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Come with me if you want to find out who is playing the new Kyle Reese.

Deadline is reporting that Terminator: Genesis has found its new Kyle Reese: Jai Courtney. Apparently the role has been offered to him, but everything is not yet finalized. If all goes well, Courtney (who is best known for not much besides Jack Reacher and the not yet released Divergent) could star in not one but two Terminator movies, that will allegedly end the saga once and for all — since James Cameron is getting the rights back in 2018 and has no interest in making further movies.


But can Courtney pull off the Michael Beihn grin? The film will be directed by Game of Thrones and Thor 2 director Alan Taylor, and has the release date of July 1st 2015 (which is not that far away). Fingers crossed.

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