Jack Black Is Now In the Jumanji Remake and This Is Getting Nuts

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As if the casting of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart together in a remake of Jumanji wasn’t enough, now news has broke that a third comedy star is joining the mix. It’s Jack Black, and this is just getting out of control.

The Wrap broke the casting news, which comes a few days after Johnson took to social media to talk about the project. At the time he said the film would pay tribute to Robin Williams’ character from the first film, and also feature five lead characters. Now we know who three of them are.

Here’s the reason why this is so nuts, though: Johnson has a huge personality. But he’s a good actor and can play the straight man, so he’s a good yin to the yang of Kevin Hart, who has an even bigger personality. He’s like a firecracker jumping off the walls. Now you’re throwing Jack Black into the mix, too? Black has a ton of range but with those three powerhouses in the film, plus the whole premise of Jumanji, you have to start wondering how all these things can co-exist.


Thankfully, that’s not up to us. It’s up to director Jake Kasdan, who starts filming this summer aimed at a July 28, 2017, release.

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I’m thinking Jack is playing Robin’s character, Dwayne is the hunter and Kevin is the little kid that finds the game.