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J.J. Abrams: Person Of Interest Is Likely In Its Final Season

Illustration for article titled J.J. Abrams: iPerson Of Interest/i Is Likely In Its Final Season

While he’s been helping with the promotion of Hulu’s 11.22.63, J.J. Abrams dropped some bad news on us: this upcoming season of Person of Interest is likely its last.


We’re not even sure when Season 5 will air, but the fact that it’s only been picked up for another 13 episodes was never good news to start with. Speaking at a panel at the Television Critics Association yesterday, Abrams mentioned that whenever this season airs, it’ll likely be the end.

“My guess is it is the final season,” Abrams said during a panel for his Hulu series11.22.63. “The only heartbreak there is how much good story there was to come if it were to have continued.”

He confirmed that creator/executive producer Jonah Nolan and executive producer Greg Plageman are treating the upcoming episodes as POI‘s last.


Hopefully, with this knowledge up front, they’ll get to tie up everything in good order, bringing this excellent show to a fitting conclusion. Don’t expect there to be a happy ending, though.


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

It’s one of the best shows on TV, but I kind of feel like they’ve told their story. They could probably keep it going a little while longer, but this should be enough.

Now tell us about the spinoff starring Bear.