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Last month this strange little black and white video, titled Stranger, was released from Bad Robot. But like the main character, its lips were stitched shut as to what this whole thing was actually about. Thankfully, the second trailer has finally revealed what the secret behind this mystery.


EW is reporting that this Stranger trailer is actually laying the groundwork for Doug Dorst's latest novella S. Conceived by Abrams and penned by Dorst, the novella centers around two students (Eric and Jennifer) who unravel a whole host of mysteries while studying the fictitious author V.M. Straka. But this is where it gets interesting — the book will be delivered shrink-wrapped because it's more of a collective reading of these two scholars notes on top of Straka's work. Which includes such props such as napkins with scribbles and various newspaper clippings. Well Abrams, you had our curiosity. But now you have our attention.


S will be released on October 29th.

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