J.J. Abrams Is Producing a Live-Action Remake of Anime Sensation Your Name

Image: Funimation
Image: Funimation

Your Name is one of the best animated films in recent memory, and Hollywood has finally taken notice. Paramount is planning a live-action remake, with J.J. Abrams to produce and Eric Heisserer, who wrote Arrival, to adapt the script.


Written and directed by Makoto Shinkai, Your Name is one of the highest grossing films in Japanese history and the country’s highest grossing anime ever. It’s about a boy and a girl who mysteriously begin switching bodies—and how that strange phenomenon might change the course of history as they know it. It’s an absolute masterpiece, and if you haven’t been able to catch it yet, the Blu-ray will be out in the US on November 7.

Your Name is a film created with the innate imaginations of a Japanese team and put together in a domestic medium,” Shinkai said in a statement. “When such a work is imbued with Hollywood filmmaking, we may see new possibilities that we had been completely unaware of. I am looking forward to the live-action film with excited anticipation.”

Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record for making brilliant anime films into live action, but Your Name is such a beautiful, universal story, it could be something special. And worst case, if the remake blows it—there’s always the original.


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This should be interesting. I wonder if they’ll keep it in Japan. Japanese culture plays a big role in the film. Mitsuha’s role as a miko and her unique way of creating sake are all important to the story. You can’t just plop it into America and have her be an altar girl that moonlights at a Jack Daniels distillery.

No matter what happens though, we always have the original anime. No point being upset if/when Hollywood wrecks the adaptation.