J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Is Working on a Supernatural Revenge Thriller Called The Pinkerton

J.J. Abrams at a Star Trek: Into Darkness live streaming event in 2013.
J.J. Abrams at a Star Trek: Into Darkness live streaming event in 2013.
Photo: Getty Images

Warner Bros. is heading to the weird Wild West for a new movie. The studio has announced it’s picked up a spec script for a supernatural revenge thriller called The Pinkerton, written by F9's Daniel Casey for J.J. Abrams Bad Robot production company.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio “preemptively snatched” the spec script for The Pinkerton, which Casey is currently developing. The plot of the film is being kept under wraps, but it’s been described by THR as a supernatural revenge thriller that takes place in a “Western setting.”

Given how the movie is called The Pinkerton, seems likely that it’s inspired by or connected to the Pinkertons, a private security guard and detective agency that Allan Pinkerton formed in 1850. The agency gained prominence in early 1861 for reportedly thwarting an assassination attempt against President-elect Abraham Lincoln, and Pinkerton’s agents became part of Lincoln’s security detail during the Civil War. However, it’s their work during the labor strikes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that solidified their reputation as union busters and thugs.

At this point, it’s hard to say what story The Pinkerton is going to tell about the agency or the man who formed it, if anything. Will it be about the first Pinkerton, or perhaps about a former agent turning against the group who’s gone down as one of the worst private security firms in history? All we know is there will be ghosts or vampires or something. Guess it’s a good thing Abraham Lincoln is in the picture. He is, after all, an experienced vampire hunter.

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It’s nice to see that they’re working on something that’s not a reboot or sequel but I’m going to out myself as a hypocrite and rhetorically ask, where’s a new Cloverfield?!?
I did enjoy Overlord quite a bit and I tend to like most original Bad Robot productions, so count me as excited.