iZombie Will Continue to Be Undead In a Second Season

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The CW’s delightful iZombie has gotten a second season order! This is really great news for everyone who loves this offbeat dramedy.

It’s not a huge surprise, since the show’s been doing decently well and the CW probably wants to keep Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas close. Thomas and co. have done a really great job adapting the Vertigo comic book to the small screen, and the result is a show that is great every week.

If you’re not watching it — and why aren’t you? — iZombie follows the exploits of Liv Moore (Rose McIver), a once-promising doctor who ended up a zombie. She chucked her original life plans and her fiancé to work in the medical examiners office for easy access to brains. Not eating brains turns her into the tyical ravening zombie. But eating brains gives her the memories and personal characteristics of the dead person.


Since she’s getting her brains from the victims of deadly crimes, Liv passes off the memories as psychic visions and helps the police solve crimes. It’s so good, the weekly crimes are fun and the larger arc involving a possible zombie outbreak/crime spree is seriously menacing. We can’t wait to see them extend it into a second season.


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I’m not watching it because it’s on the same time as AoS and I’m invested in the MCU. I do catch it on Hulu but those rating don’t count. If it was on Wednesday or Thursday it would be much better.