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iZombie Spent a Whole Episode Critiquing Itself

This was one of the two greatest moments in “Method Head.” We usually see Liv’s visions from her perspective, and they’re usually dramatic or funny or plot-related. But this time we see how it looks from the outside. And Liv looks like her brain broke.


Spoilers follow.

The other greatest moment of last night?


Steven Weber is a national treasure. I don’t care that he’s playing a villain in this show, I hope they never defeat him. I want him and his elastic face and superb line delivery to stay forever. Like this exchange:

Gilda: You know what Mom used to say about you?

Vaughn: “I should have gotten that man’s name”?

He’s great working out with Major, he’s great wearing the bug Major gave him, and he’s especially great testing Major’s resolve in a new and terrifying way. Major’s decided the best way to defeat Vaughn is by cozying up to him and gathering info. Since Gilda figured out he was buttering Vaughn up, Vaughn arranged for one of his scientists to “betray” him. Major turned him in, and Vaughn came inches away from feeding his patsy to some zombies. More great faces from Weber when he pretends he can’t hear the scientist’s cries for help, by the way.

Vaughn saves the dude in the nick of time and Major’s in.

In murder news, Babineaux lets Liv back on the inside when there’s a murder on the set of her favorite show, Zombie High. And that bit of writing is a masterpiece. For one thing, the bits we see of the show are almost exactly the kind of sexy teen apocalypse that lives on the CW with iZombie. For another, they get to say things about how a show with a zombie main character would be stupid. And about sketchy zombie science.


Combined with Ravi and Major making fun of Liv’s vision face and Liv and Clive playacting their last rift for the sake of a confession, we’ve got an episode shaped like an ouroboros. It’s all very meta and, like so much about this show, perfectly executed.

On any other show, this could get precious and twee fast. On iZombie, it’s perfection.


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There was also that nice joke about the actor leaving the zombie show to play a Power Ranger