iZombie Goes All I Know What You Did Last Undead Summer

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Last night’s episode of iZombie, “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat,” does not hide its inspiration. We’ve got a typical serial killer set up, but with a zombie whom we all know. We also have some of the best dialogue of the week, a genuine revelation, and Major continuing to be the absolute worst.



I will never forgive this show for killing zombie rat — which Ravi of course names “Hope” just so they can say “Hope is dead.” I loved zombie rat. She was adorable and I’m very sad the lab mascot met with a grisly end. And so I refuse to become attached to the new zombie rat that Ravi has created for his cure research. YOU’RE NOT THE REAL ZOMBIE RAT, AND YOU NEVER WILL BE.

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In stupid news, Major. Major is youtubing “how to kill zombies” and buying guns from the black market. Major deserves his fate. Can we trade his life for zombie rat’s? This week, Major has decided to disguise himself as a health inspector so that he can get a look at Blaine’s brain subscription service. I can’t... Didn’t Major find out about this place because he followed the big zombie that works for Blaine? Did it not at all occur to him that would be easily identified? Because he is. He’s caught, he has the astronaut brains, and he’s going to get tortured by Blaine.

And, we see Major recording the classic “If you’re watching this, I’m dead” video. I’ll bet all the dollars in my wallet ($2) that he set that to publish on the Internet if he didn’t check in. So his video’s going to get out and ruin Liv’s life. Because Major is a life ruiner.

This week’s plot picks up from “Mr. Beserk,” with Sebastian, the Max Rager enforcer that tried to kill Liv and ended up enzombied, getting hit by a car full of high schoolers. Among the four teenagers is Bex Taylor-Klaus, who most of us probably recognize from Arrow, and whom I’m always happy to see. The four teenagers are: Cheerleader from a hardcore Christian family, sarcastic drummer girl, stoner, and lead singer.


Following the teenagers in a horror movie script, they decide to bury Sebastian in a shallow grave and never speak of this again — “Not your therapist, not your priest, and not your future NA sponsor.” I think the line of the night might be the cheerleader’s “I’m only agreeing to this because my dad just had his gall bladder removed and there’s no way he can handle the stress right now!”

Of course, in iZombie the lack of pulse doesn’t mean a lack of mobility. And no sooner has the drummer said “This chick has to go” than Sebastian rips her apart and has a delicious brain feast.


Liv starts off with cheerleader brains — and her bonding with the cheerleader’s best friend by out-teening Babinaux is stereotypical, yes, but also hilarious. This is another place where the dialogue sings. Particularly the end:

Girl: You have to promise not to tell anyone.

Liv: Okay. But we kinda might tell people. But only if we really, really have to.

Girl: Whatever. But you cannot tell her dad.

Liv: Oh, I personally am not going to tell her dad. But he may find out. I just want you to have all the information because you so deserve it.


This leads Babinaux and Liv to the band — The Asshats. Hit single: Slumber Chunder.


So brilliant, clearly.

The next victim is the stoner, who is Liv’s next lunch. And if you didn’t wince when Babinaux took a bite of her brain pizza, you are a better person than I. This leads Liv on a merry day of being high, which only helps her so far before she goes back to cheerleader brains. The drummer comes in to confess everything, since she’s genre savvy and knows that she’s next because of what’s she’s learned from I Know What You Did Last Summer 1 and 2. (Liv: You saw I Know What You Did Last Summer 2?)


The sketch artist returns with a sketch of Sebastian. Which is helpful, but Liv finds him almost immediately, cooking up dinner in her apartment with an unconscious Peyton. Liv goes full zombie and kills Sebastian. The fight is pretty great, making full use of zombie powers — Liv eventually takes out Sebastian with the knife he’s plunged in her hand. And then Liv has to confess everything to Peyton, who takes off the second Liv’s back is turned. Peyton also doesn’t show up for her weekend trip with Ravi. So, is she hiding out to process or did something more sinister happen?


It could be something more sinister, since the drummer is lured to a motel room and attacked, with only enough time to dial 911.

So, at the end of the penultimate episode of the season: Major has been captured and doesn’t know Liv is a zombie. Peyton knows Liv is a zombie and is gone. Liv’s brother is in the hands of Blaine, having applied to work at his place, Meat Cute.


This week’s dialogue was so much fun and Rose McIver is so good this week. She’s got the cheerleader and the stoner to act out, the fight scene, the emotional confession to Peyton, and the guilt around making Sebastian a zombie. She’s so good, and I can’t imagine this show working nearly as well without her to anchor it.

We’ve got the finale next week, which will no doubt bring an epic showdown between Blaine and Liv. Even if Liv prevails, I have no doubt there’s going to be very messy fallout.


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Why so much Major hate?

He may be careless but at least he’s selfless and, if anything, it’s really Liv’s choice to let him in the dark despite everything that’s happened that’s irresponsible. From his perspective, a criminal cartel that has the police in its pocket has been killing youth in masse and some of them are immortal.

Sure he’s putting himself in danger but at least he’s not letting it pass. He was even willing to acknowledge he might be insane at some point and that NEVER HAPPENS with this trope, it’s always “I’m right and I’ll show everyone and get rewarded at the end”.