iZombie Gives Us a New Look at Seattle's Weird, Zombie-Filled Future

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

For three seasons of iZombie, the undead virus has largely been kept under wraps. That is, until the climax of season three lead to a massive outbreak that’s seen Seattle walled off as a social experiment/quarantine zone. But even with a whole new status quo, this trailer shows Liv and her friends are still up for some fun new mysteries when the CW show returns on February 26.


Season three ended with tainted vaccines for the Aleutian flu outbreak that had been bubbling up over the last half of the season causing a mass infection of the zombie virus—meaning not only was the existence of zombies now publicly known, but Seattle was suddenly a warzone. Season four, though, is going to give us “New Seattle,” slightly less warzone-y, but still filled with the underlying tensions of zombies and humans alike now being forced to live with each other behind quarantine walls.

We get a bit of that unease simmering over in this trailer, but it’s mainly a chance to see that despite the new situation, Liv, Clive, and the team are still going to be doing what they do best, just with the added tension of trying to avoid a full-scale human-zombie conflict. That said, Ravi—who let Liv infect him last season to test a new vaccine for zombie-ism—still remains a mystery, even as we see him seemingly snack on a brain briefly. Will his vaccine have worked, or is he just the latest human to join Seattle’s quirky undead hordes?

We’ll find out when iZombie returns February 26.

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Being from the Seattle area myself, I hate/love shows that are filmed up in Vancouver but are suppose to be Seattle.